20 Oct 2021

Author: jasmine alimin

Decor Hacks, Featured

A greener way of life

The best indoor plants and how to care for them If there’s one positive thing to come out of this pandemic is that it’s created a new generation of self-caring hobbyists who fill their free time with exercise, food, Netflix and plants. Just ask five-generation…

Decor Hacks

The Zoom Boom

Founder of multi-disciplinary creative studio, A Common Thread, Alexandra Beggs shares why homeowners are paying her to dress up their work corners for Zoom calls Welcome to your new office: your home. By now you’ve probably clocked in at least 100 Zoom calls, many of…

Decor Hacks

The Art of buying Art

Breathe life to your living space and give it more personality with pieces of art Displaying art all throughout the home can really breathe life into your living spaces and infuse them with plenty of character. And now that work from home has become the…

Home Essentials

Kitchen expert par Excellence

Five reasons why we love the new Excellence Line by Swiss premium luxury appliance brand V-Zug To complement smart modern homes of today, Swiss kitchen connoisseur V-Zug is launching a premium line of ovens and steam cookers to give homemakers, design lovers and technophiles a…

Decor Hacks

5 places to restore heirloom furniture

Can’t bear to let go of that beloved armchair passed through the generations but not keen on its dated colour? Here’s where to go to have it refinished and updated. Old pieces of family furniture are repositories of our past and pieces of our heritage…


The allure of Van Holland

This luxury boutique condominium is the perfect home for those who desire both exclusivity and proximity to the cool vibe and lifestyle amenities of Holland Village. Whether you’re looking for a worthwhile investment or in search for a home for yourself or your family, Van…


One Bernam: Living it up downtown

Affordable luxury urban living with close proximity to the future Greater Southern Waterfront and thriving F&B scene of Tanjong Pagar are some of the reasons why One Bernam has become the home of our dreams If you’ve harboured dreams of downtown living, where work is…

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