We all need a bit of peace and quiet in the home and sometimes, the toilet is the one place where you can create your very own atmosphere. But with the Geberit AquaClean Sela by Geberit, you won’t want to leave.

By Audrey Simon

Geberit an expert when it comes to the fields of sanitary technology, design and innovative functions. Founded in Switzerland in 1874, the brand opens up new possibilities in planning, designing and installing bathrooms.

One product that has been popular since its launch in 2013 is the Geberit AquaClean Sela, which features a new take on its timeless and minimalist style. The beautifully designed, high-quality shower toilet has been enhanced with additional optimised functions and now offers an increased sense of well-being.

Created by Swiss designer Christoph Behling, the new AquaClean Sela is an elegant and stylish shower toilet that fits into almost any bathroom environment. Its timeless and minimalist design makes it look like a work of art in the bathroom. Featuring innovative technology, the Geberit AquaClean Sela features a very quiet and particularly effective flushing system and an automatic descaling programme.

One notable function is the unique WhirlSpray shower technology, which enables pleasant and thorough cleaning with low water consumption. The recently optimised TurboFlush technology also allows the WC ceramic to be flushed out particularly thoroughly yet very quietly. What this also means is that you can flush the toilet at any time without any disruptive noises — especially useful when you don’t want to wake up your partner. There is also a thoughtful subtle orientation light is just bright enough to guide you.

One of the reasons why homeowners are drawn to AquaClean Sela is the smart technology that conceals all connections for electrical and water supply into the body of the ceramic appliance. With its rimless WC ceramic, it ensures perfect hygiene and makes cleaning a great deal easier.

Thanks to the intuitive remote control, all the inputs can be made easily with one hand. With a push of a button, you can call up the personal settings. The AquaClean Sela functions can also be controlled via smartphone through the Geberit app. On top of that, the new shower toilet also offers user recognition which uses a sensor to prevent the shower spray from being triggered inadvertently.

Now, that is one smart toilet.