Hermès Collections for the Home features soft furnishings that add a much-needed touch to turn your house into a cosy designer home; one that will be the envy of your neighbours. We invite you to discover home accessories, from tables and chairs to trays and rugs.

By Audrey Simon

Les Trotteuses d’Hermès Side tables

Three heights, three diameters, three porcelain tops with colourful motifs fastened with bridle-leather straps, and a wooden base in solid oak which folds in and out with ease endow these three small round tables with a nomadic spirit for enhanced versatility. Individually, as a pair, or as a trio, the tables move effortlessly from one space to another around the home. More tops will be added every year to this collection starting with Paper Block, Panier and H infini designs.

Atout d’Hermès Games table

The simple lines of this games table contrast with the sumptuous details, craftsmanship and materials contained in the central chest. The table incorporates two reversible games surfaces in leather marquetry that are perfect for cards, chess, draughts or backgammon, with concealed compartments sheathed in H bull calf for storing playing pieces, dice and counters.

Manège Centerpieces and change trays

Colours and materials echo each other on these objects in shapes inspired by the racecourse. These change trays, trays and centrepieces combine simple lines with sophisticated know-how. The matt leather contrasts with the depth of the lacquer, which is obtained by applying around ten coats and two different shades.

Cordélie Rugs

The Tremplin, H Vibration and Escalator rugs have been delicately embroidered by hand. The compositions designed by Gianpaolo Pagni and Studio Hermès are traced out by a slender cord, as if drawn with a pencil. Against a highly robust linen backdrop, this slender cotton cord marks out the lines adorning the Cordélie rugs. A very rare and meticulous embroidery technique.

Armchair, chair and table

This set by British designer Jasper Morrison exudes lightness and simplicity.
On closer inspection, the shapes of these three objects prove to be more complex: a bevelled tabletop, slanted legs, crisp corners on the outside that are rounded on the inside, slatted chair backs crafted from a single piece of wood, and seats with apertures in which a saddle-stitched leather pad fits perfectly for added comfort.