By AFP Relaxnews with additional text from Audrey Simon

As more and more countries return to lockdowns or stay-at-home orders, authorities worldwide are encouraging people to work from home. Here’s a selection of items that will help you work comfortably and efficiently.

A quiet cabin in your garden

Are your kids or partner too noisy? How about investing in a quiet haven in your backyard? Check around for architects who are able to design a suitable cove for you.

A special corner

Make sure your desk is located in an area that has enough natural light and good flow of air. The last thing you want is to have your workstation located in a corner that is not conducive to work or hold zoom meetings.

The right music

If you need to destress but cannot get out for a 30 minute walk, play some soothing music. There are a lot of ear buds out there that is not only to be used for a run but it helps if you have music in your ears to help soothe your soul. Ear buds also help if you share your workspace with your partner and you both may not have the same taste in music.

A height-adjustable desk to work standing or sitting

Working standing up can do wonders for your back, your blood pressure and weight management. It’s also a way to stay focused while working. Several brands offer flexible desk solutions so that you can work in either position. Even Ikea offers height-adjustable desks now.

A laptop stand to work from your bed

For some of us, working from home means more hours spent in bed. If you like the idea of starting your day of work lying down, you can shop affordable laptop stand that does not cost an arm and a leg. Look for ones that offer different reclining positions, the foldable stand allows you to work sitting or lying down, as well as sit up straight for those important meetings. It can adapt to a desk setup, and it can even work as a breakfast tray.