Pics by Space Furniture

Designed by Mario Bellini in 1970 the Camaleonda modular sofa has consistently been featured in most international design museums and in the film-sets that have defined the collective imagination.

For 50 years, it has been an object that is loved by design aficionados, antique dealers and interior decorators alike is finally back in production after a careful design process that involved the close collaboration between the B&B Italia’s Research & Development Centre and Mario Bellini. 

This year the Camaleonda gets a reissue that preserves the elements that have made it a contemporary classic. By mutual agreement, Mario Bellini and B&B Italia have decided to keep the 90×90 cm seat module, together with the backrest and the armrest, faithful to the original project, whose original cutting pattern was used for the new edition. 

Bellini says, “Camaleonda is a name that I invented in 1970 by mixing two words: the first is the name of an extraordinary animal, the chameleon (camaleonte in Italian), that can adapt to the environment around it and the word ‘onda’, wave, that indicates the curve of the sea and the desert. Both these words describe the shape and function of this sofa.”

The beauty of the Camaleonda is its unlimited modularity, by hooking and unhooking seats, backrests and armrests, homeowners get a new design every time. You can enjoy the luxury of changing your mind as many times as you desire, moving and redesigning the space. 

The Camaleonda is available at Space Furniture 77 Bencoolen St, Singapore 189653