21 Jan 2022

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Home Essentials

Objects of beauty

Give your home a stylish lift with these everyday objects by Cartier such as a notebook and pencil for writing, a rattle for the baby, a game of solitaire to play, a vase for decoration, and more. Since 1880, Cartier was interested in everyday objects,…


The global citizen

Rudy Taslim’s design strength lies in his multi-disciplinary approach to his projects and his dedication to helping the marginalised communities around the world. Architect Rudy Taslim has caught the attention of his peers and the media with his multi-disciplinary integrative approaches, innovative ideas as well…


An eye for detail

When he’s not spending most of his weekdays teaching his students at LaSalle College of the Arts, tutor Steve Thio spends the rest of his time at home, a spacious Balinese resort-inspired five-room apartment. It starts at the entrance Even before you step into the…

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